Low Resolution

ITI HD SeriesIntegrated with ultra-high resolution detector, the IR1190 firefighting handheld thermal imager offers you the best image clarity, which helps the firefighter to see through clouds of smoke and identify victims before they cause injuries and deaths; Advanced infrared temperature measuring technology assists you to locate the source of the fire and make accurate and timely decisions which can significantly influence the outcome of the detector. The wireless video transmission equipment is also available to deliver the first-hand information to the command center for an immediate and most authorized decision.

Light weight and easy operation, the Fire-FitIR HT firefighting helmet mounted thermal imager is the third eye for the firefighters. It sets the hands free, and offers clear and crisp thermal image for the fighter through clouds of smoke, which can greatly increase the rescuing efficiency and ensure their safety. The wireless video transmission equipment also allows seeing inside the fire incident for an immediate and most authorized decision.

Mobile-M for medical inspection & Mobile-N for industrial inspection, representing a landmark of IR technology progress globally,  is the latest innovation from ITI Infrared who always works with innovative emotion. ITI presents Mobile-M enriching the features exclusively for high-end IR camera before.50Hz refresh rate? 2Mpixels CMOS? Touch screen? Auto focus? IR video recording? Whatever you expect from a thermographic camera, Mobile-M satisfies you by its compactness, ruggedization, accuracy, efficiency, reliability,  and affordability.