We R&D, produce, sell Infrared Cameras/Thermal Imagers (two alternative names) and its service & solution only,and we do this right.

ITI Infrared always keeps a positive, openā€minded and patient culture that inspires individual employees to willingly contribute to the achievement of team goals while growing professionally and personally.

ITI Infrared has 3 sections divided by products.
Thermography system 
Our thermographic system is always innovative in design and user-friendly to all our customers. The unique Mobile series, the rugged P-series and the professional N-series satisfy the requirements from first-triers to IR experts in all applications like predictive and preventative maintenance, non-destructive testing, research and development, on-line process controls.

Commercial Vision Systems
Our commercial vision system just born to cater the growing demands in emerging industries that infrared thermal imaging products could also play an important role, such as vehicle night vision, marine navigation, security monitoring, firefighting , search and rescue, law enforcement.

Government Systems
Our government system is the condense of all our technical capability and quality spirit. The
comprehensive integration of optics, mechanics, electronics and image processing enables Guide